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Rethinking colored Bakelite parts

Colored Revere Ware Bakelite parts come up for sale on eBay occasionally, and often sell for ridiculous prices (like this).

But a slew of colored knob listings recently, has me wondering if all the colored Bakelite parts are just painted.  All these recent listings appear to be.


Bakelite can be made to be just about any color, and perhaps these knobs are simply ones that were painted by the owner and not the company.

We’ve been asked from time to time if we would produce a series of colored Bakelite parts, but that is a difficult proposition, as there is typically a minimum order quantity of any color we would have to run that is in the thousands; there isn’t likely to be _that_ much demand for colored parts.

Given what we are seeing above, your best bet might be to just get a can of high temperature paint and paint them yourself.

2 Responses to Rethinking colored Bakelite parts

  1. Phillip October 7, 2019 at 2:29 pm #

    Amazing coincidence, I just noticed the same exact thing while trolling eBay for colored handles. True Revere Ware handles and knobs are colored Bakelite, not painted. It looks like scammers have noticed the going rate and decided to paint standard black handles/knobs. Thanks for the great site!

    • RevereWareParts October 7, 2019 at 2:44 pm #

      WE hadn’t considered the scam angle. Given the wear on those examples, I don’t think there was any attempt to deceive there. Perhaps someone just decided to take things into their own hands and paint their knobs. I’ve never seen an actual colored Bakelite version, so I can’t confirm they actually exist as original parts from Revere Ware.

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