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Rare doesn’t mean never

Some replacement parts are exceptionally hard to find.  Generally anything we don’t make for Revere Ware cookware falls into the somewhat hard to find category.  But, given the high number of Revere Ware pieces available for sale on eBay, you can find a lot of cookware pieces to use as a donor for parts you need.

But some items there just aren’t a lot of, like pans with the older style handles.

The bale handle pot is one of those items.  The Bakelite part on the bale handle you just can’t find.  And there aren’t a lot of them available on eBay.  Even if you did find one to use as a donor, they are very nice, and it is hard to imagine sacrificing a good bale handle pot to use the handle on another one.

So I was somewhat surprised to find this on eBay today:


I can see what happened, this bale handle fell off of the pot it was attached to.


Other than spot welding it on again, this isn’t really a replacement bale handle, the the Bakelite part come off and goes on pretty easy.  I do happen to have a bale handle pot with a broken handle, so this was a good find for me.

It just goes to show, rare doesn’t mean you can’t ever find one, if you keep trying.

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