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Determining which size 2-screw style replacement handle you need

In an attempt to make it easier to determine the proper sized replacement handle of the 2-screw variety, we’ve expanded the detail in all our 2-screw handle product listings.  This seems to give people a lot of difficulty, so it is worth pontificating on it here.

We sell small, medium, large, and x-large size of the 2-screw style handle.  It is fairly straight-forward to determine the proper size handle based on the height of the metal spline (the metal part the two handle halves go around) , the distance between the centers of the two holes, and the overall length of the Bakelite part of the handle.  If you check your measurements and cant’ find a match, please contact us to ask for help before purchasing.

Size Metal spline height Distance between hole centers Overall Bakelite length
Small 3/8″ 2.75″ 4.5″
Medium 5/8″ 2.6″ 4.6″
Large 3/4″ 3.1″ 5.25″
X-Large 3/4″ 3.7″ 5.7″

If you aren’t sure what the quote (“) means to the right of the numbers in the above table, it is shorthand for inches.

If you aren’t sure what the spline is, or how to measure the height, here is a graphic that should help.

It should be noted that cookware requiring the small handle is very rare in the wild.  If you think you need the small handle, make sure.  This is our most frequently returned part. 

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