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Helping People

We started this business because of our own frustration of not being able to get replacement parts for older (and even newer) Revere Ware cookware. We thought perhaps there were others like ourselves that really wanted to keep their cookware going. But, it still surprises us sometimes the extent to which people really love their Revere Ware, like our customer Maggie who continued to use her pot even though the handles were mostly gone.
Stubs Stubs


We Made the First Page!

To compare Google vs the new Bing search engine, someone created a page (called Bingle) that shows the results from each side by side. To try it out, of course, we tried searching “revere ware.” We are happy to report that we’ve made the first page for BOTH search engines, landing in the 6th slot in Google and the 9th slot on Bing. Of course, results like this change daily.

Update: the Bingle site is no longer active

If you haven’t figured us out, we are all about preserving the Revere Ware heritage. Anything that helps get the word out is good. We appreciate any help getting the word out, as well as contributions to our information archive.


How Popular is Revere Ware

We’ve been selling our replacement parts since mid-January and we just reached our 600th transaction and have sold over 1000 parts to date. As we hoped when we started making our parts, there are lots of people out there still using there vintage Revere Ware and in need of replacement parts. We’ve been tracking Ebay listings for Revere Ware cookware for the last several months and there are consistently 400-500 pieces listed at any one time.


Revere Ware Warranty Replacement

Despite copious and prominent notes around our site to the contrary, people often mistakenly assume that we are the Revere Ware company and ask us for warranty replacement of their Revere Ware. We started making replacement parts because Revere Ware was no longer supporting the older cookware, or even the newer cookware, as evidenced by the lack of replacement parts listed on the official Revere Ware site.

However, they do still seem to support at least some replacement of products under the Revere Ware 25 year warranty as evidenced by this blog post, and others that we have seen. First check their warranty page to make sure your product is covered (hint, cookware is 25 years, tea kettles are one year), try contacting Revere Ware (aka World Kitchen) and ask for replacement. You can contact them online here or by phone at 1.800.999.3436.  I’ve tried to contact them via email and have rarely gotten a reply, so I recommend calling them.


Revere Ware Creativity

Customer Martin was frustrated that he couldn’t find a replacement handle for his pot so he made one out of wood.

“Attached find the picture of my 3/4 quart pot with the replacement handle that I fabricated out of a 3/4″ piece of oak. I traced the shape from the old handle and cut and sanded it to the same shape. I then primed and painted it with black gloss paint. Other than the bolt that shows, it looks and handles just like the original one.”

Wood handle pot

Wood handle