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The difficulty of tracking the number of Revere Ware items on eBay

Since 2009, I’ve been providing the site, which categorizes all the Revere Ware listings on eBay to help more easily find Revere Ware items.  Along with that, we’ve been keeping track of the total number of listings for Revere Ware items.  But this process has been fraught over the years.  Every once in a while, eBay will change it’s website format / design and the code we’ve written to capture the total number of listings changes, and we fail to get a valid number; this has happened perhaps 3 or 4 times in the last decade.

The latest issue to crop up is that eBay seems to no longer report the actual number of listings that a search returns, and instead returns something like this:

As of a few days ago, it reported 14,000+ so it isn’t clear if there are that many fewer items or they just changed what they report.  Doing other searches shows similar, but different results.

You can see this in the chunkiness of our graph as of late.

Perhaps there is a technical decision eBay made that resulted in this change, but it sure makes our tracking of listing numbers more difficult.

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