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New vintage Revere Ware pressure cooker booklet

With manuals in hand, I thought I knew all there was about the vintage 4 quart Revere Ware pressure cookers, but I just came across a pamphlet that was distributed with the pressure cookers entitles Know Your Revere Pressure Cooker, and it has some interesting information and clearly shows how the Revere pressure cooker was superior to others when it was introduced.

Among the tips gleaned from this pamphlet:

  • The sealed pressure gauge is completely waterproof so you don’t have to worry about fully immersing the lid in water.
  • The grooves in the underside of the vent hole are there to keep the hole from clogging up easily should food get pressed against it.
  • Instructions for removing the gauge.
  • A better description of the over-pressure plug.
  • Instructions for dealing with a too-tight fitting gasket.
  • The cover twists to remove to the right or left, benefiting both right and left-handed cooks.
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