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We started this business to help people (including us) get more use and enjoyment out of their Revere Ware cookware.  In addition to selling parts, we’ve made a point to try and collect as much vintage information, such as product manuals, and make it available for people.

But we also help out in another way, which is in answering any and all questions people send us, regardless of whether it has anything to do with our actual business.

To make these questions and answers available to a wider audience, and possibly keep us from answering the same questions over and over again, we’ve added a FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions) to our website and will continue to add questions answers as they come up, such as where to find Revere Ware resources, fixes for common problems, where to find certain parts, and where to get Revere Ware warranty replacement.

That last question has been a bit perplexing for us, as, despite prominent statements on our home page, on our support page, our contact page, and several posts in our blog that we are not the company that makes the cookware and do not provide warranty support, people continue to ignore all that and contact us for warranty replacement for their Revere Ware cookware.

So just to clarify one more time, we are not affiliated with the Revere Ware brand or the company, World Kitchen, that makes the Revere Ware cookware.  Our name includes the words Revere Ware because we make parts for, and only for, Revere Ware cookware, a brand we have been particularly fond of out of all the brands of cookware over the last 70 years.

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