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Letters from customers

We get a lot of sweet letters from long time Revere Ware users.  Here is the one we received recently:

Dear Sir,

I thought you might be interested in this.  In 1949 I was 16 yrs old.  I bought from a traveling salesman a 4 piece set of Revere Ware.  It was a Dutch oven, a 2 qt. sauce pan with lid, a 10 inch frying pan with lid, and a 6 cup coffee pot.

They are still being used nearly every day.  I married in June 1951.  My husband to be payed off the pans.

They look great.  I keep them with Cameo Copper & Brass cleaner.   The Patent # is 2272609.  The made under process patent is 2272609.  These pans have been used for 62 yrs and are still going strong.  The Dutch oven gets used a lot.  I make lots of soups, chile, etc.; things that can be frozen.  That way I eat healthy.

Thank you for a wonderful set of cooking ware.

At 16 yrs in a family of 8 children and my mom, I had a job and could make payments.  My family was 4 children.

– Marie

What a wonderful window into another era.  This highlights just how much a part of everyday life a product like Revere Ware was back then, and still is for many people.  While we aren’t the makers of the cookware (but people still refuse to believe it, perhaps because we are only ones that provide parts, information, and customer service these days) the storied nature of the product is what motivated us to do what we do.

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