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How to determine the size of your Revere Ware tea kettle

Because our cap & trigger is made to fit only one of the three common Revere Ware tea kettle sizes, we get asked a lot for help identify the kettle size.  Here is a handy cheat sheet that will help you determine which kettle you have.

1 1/2 quart

The smallest of the tea kettles, this one is characterized by the button trigger, and the handle that does not come back to meet the body of the kettle.  You can find it on here.

This kettle has gone under the model number 1121 (that we know of).  It has been described as both a 1 1/2 quart and a 2 quart at various time by Revere Ware.

Neither our cap or trigger will work on this kettle.

2 1/3 quart

This is the most common tea kettle.  Sometimes people measure the capacity and claim that it is more or less than 2 1/3 quarts, so capacity measurement might not be the best method of determining the kettle stated size.  You can find this tea kettle on here.

This kettle has gone under the model numbers 2701, 2901, 2722, and 2712 (that we know of).

The cap may or may not have the inset metal piece on the top – some years they included it, some they didn’t.  Note how the back of the handle meets the body of the kettle and the front is attached via the metal strip. This is the most reliable way to identify this size tea kettle.

Note that this style has had two different trigger types over the years, full round and half round.

From a sampling of eBay listing, the fully rounded trigger seems to be the most common, and is the style we chose to duplicate for our replacement trigger, as it seems less likely to allow finger slippage.  Because the larger 3 1/2 quart size. also has a trigger that is not fully rounded, the trigger is not a good indicator of the capacity.

This is the model that our replacement cap and trigger are made for.

3 1/2 quart

The largest of the copper bottom tea kettles.  You can find a list for this kettle on here, but it is currently unavailable.

This kettle has gone under the model number 3501-C (that we know of).  It has been described as both a 3 quart and a 3 1/2 quart at various times by Revere Ware.

This model is characterized by the handle attaching to the body of the kettle at both ends.

We’ve been told by customers that our replacement cap does work on this model, most of the time.  On some occasions the cap appears to fit, but won’t quite close.  Please purchase the cap for this model at your own risk.  Our trigger definitely doesn’t work on this model.  We’ve designed a model for a replacement trigger for 3D printing which you can have printed by the Shapeways service here.

Note the half rounded trigger, like some of the 2 1/3 quart models, which makes that poor indicator to identify which capacity model you have.