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My lid doesn’t have a screw, but a stub

See our blog post for a more detailed description of this problem.

In short, what can often happen is that the metal insert inside the lid knob can rust to the screw and when you attempt to remove the knob, the insert stays on the screw, revealing a 1/4 inch stub rather than a screw.

The solution is to grab the insert with a pair of pliers and unscrew it.

Why don’t your lid knobs come with screws?

Revere Ware lids, as far as we know, have always had a screw permanently attached to the lid, making a separate screw unnecessary, and thus providing a screw with our knobs would be a waste for almost all of our customers.

We do occasionally get inquiries from puzzled customers wondering why our knobs don’t come with a screw. I suspect that there are either attempting to use our knobs on a non-Revere Ware lid, or, at some point the screw attached to the lid came off and someone modified the lid to work with an external screw. This does happen when the metal insert in a knob rusts to the screw and twisting it off with some force will break the screw off of the lid. If this happens to you, we have a tutorial on how to fix this.

If you need a screw to go along with you knob, you can pick up an 8/32 screw at any hardware store, best in brass or stainless steel. Look for one that has threads between .25 and .35 inches long. If you can’t find one in the proper length, you’ll need to cut it down to size.

Your lid knob doesn’t fit my lid

While we have done our best to make our parts fit the 70+ years of Revere Ware cookware out there an the many slight variations in design, some parts are not compatible with 100% of the cookware.

For lid knobs in particular, about 1% of lids have a screw that is too short for the knob.  If you experience this problem, you can return the knob for a refund (either reply to your order confirmation email or use our contact form to request a return) or if you are a DIY type of person, you can modify the knob to make it work.

Simply sand down (best with a belt sander) the bottom of the knob about 1/8 inch so that the threaded portion inside will reach the screw.

I need parts for my pressure cooker

We have had gaskets made for three models of Revere Ware pressure cookers, the original 4-quart vintage model, and the 1574 and 1576 models produced in the 1970’s.

We often received requests for other parts, including over pressure plugs, lids, and gauges for the vintage 4-quart models, and weighted knobs for the 1574 and 1576 models.

It is unlikely we will every make parts other than the gaskets for these pressure cookers as other parts are much more complicated and beyond our capabilities.  Some alternatives are available for some of these parts, so please check the information pages linked above.

I need parts for my tea kettle

We have not yet had parts for tea kettles made but will be looking into these in 2011.

If you are desperate for a solution now, we suggest buying one of the many tea kettles available on Ebay, perhaps one in overall poor shape but with good parts, to use as a donor for replacement parts.

You can find all current Ebay listings for Revere Ware kettles here.

I’m looking for a replacement part that you don’t list in your catalog

The owners of the Revere Ware brand stopped selling replacement parts sometime i the 1980’s, an since then parts have only been available sporadically as the older stock of replacement parts have been depleted.  For at least the last decade, no replacement parts have been available at all for any era of Revere Ware cookware.

In 2008, we were looking for replacement parts and could not find them.  Thinking it was a shame that no parts were available that that there were likely millions like us that wanted parts for their Revere Ware cookware, we started making and selling replacement parts.

We started with the parts we figured most likely to sell and since then have continued to have additional parts made.

What is listed in our catalog is everything that we have available at this time.  We welcome your suggestions for additional parts and your requests helps us know which additional parts will be in the highest demand.