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Another Revere Ware aluminum core cautionary tale

I can’t quite tell the model from the pictures I was sent, but clearly another catastrophic failure of the aluminum inside a Revere Ware sandwiched aluminum cookware piece:

I was boiling water so I could make macaroni. While heating the water the copper bottom melted completely fff of the pot and fell down into the burner; it was a melted blob.

We’ve gotten enough emails on failures like this that we recommend that everyone stop using Revere Ware with sandwiched aluminum cores.  So far we haven’t heard of serious injury but the potential for molten aluminum to cause a serious burn is there.

These types include models called:

  • Aluminum Disk Bottom Cookware
  • Try-Ply / slab bottom
  • 2000 Line
  • Some Micro-Fyers models have an aluminum disk bottom
  • Centura Clear

The ProLine series has a disc bottom but it has copper inside, which has a higher melting point and won’t suffer from the same issue.

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