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A lot of interesting replacement parts on eBay recently

I’ve seen an inordinate amount of hard-to-find replacement parts on eBay recently.

Percolator parts

A customer contacted us looking for the spreader for the percolator basket.  In the past I’ve seen complete baskets and stem sets on a couple of occasions but that’s about it.  This week there were two or three of that particular part available.   In fact, on seller was selling all the parts of a percolator.

Older handles

There have been quite a few of the older handles used in the first few years of Revere Ware (for example here and here and here).

3 1/2 quart kettle handle

These come up from time to time and there is now.

Original glass percolator knobs

While we sell a suitable replacement, for those looking for the completely original look, there are a bunch of these (here, here, here, and here) on eBay right now.

Pressure cooker handles

These are probably off a used units.  For those looking for replacement Bakelite for the 4 quart pressure cooker, there are two sets available right now (one, two).

4 qt pressure cooker over pressure plug

Unless you steal one from another working pressure cooker, these are unobtanium.  But there is one (appears used) for sale on eBay.

The point is, if you keep looking, you can probably eventually find what you need for your Revere Ware on eBay.


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