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Riveted Handle Removal

Removing Riveted Handles

We recently started selling replacement handles for the newer style Revere Ware cookware that has a one-piece handle attached by a single rivet or screw through the metal portion of the handle.

Rivet Handle Pot Single Screw Handle

For handles attached with rivets (the majority of the handles on this type of cookware), it isn’t as simple as removing screws, so we’ve outlined an easy process for getting these handles off to prepare for your new replacement.

First, note that the rivets have two sides, one smooth and one indented.

Smooth side rivet Indented side rivet

You’ll be drilling out the indented side. To do this, you’ll need any corded or cordless drill and a 5/32 inch bit.

Drill bit

We’ve chosen to use a drill press but if you don’t have one just clamp your old handle in a vice in case the drill bit grabs the pot and kicks it. Drill the rivet out all the way through.

Drilling Drilling

Once you’ve drilled through, grab the smooth side of the rivet with a pair of pliers and pull it out.

Pull rivet out

Once the rivet it out, the handles should pull apart easily.


If you have any trouble pulling the handles apart, there is probably some thick grease that has seeped in over the years holding them together, and some additional force should over come it.

That’s all there is to it