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Revere Ware Vintage Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee maker


At first look you might think that you heat up the water in the bottom of the drip coffee maker, but this isn’t the case. Here are instructions as found in Revere’s Guide to Better Cooking:

Rinse. the lower part of Drip Coffee Maker with hot water, place upper part In position and remove the combination water spreader and measuring rod: Place in basket of upper part one slightly rounded tablespoon of drip grind coffee for each cup. Replace water spreader and pour boiling hot water to level desired on measuring rod. Cover. In approximately 7 to 8 minutes (for 8 cups) hot coffee with the most delightful aroma, taste and clarity will be yours for serving. Remove upper part and transfer cover to lower section. Revere Drip Coffee Makers will make 8 to 10 actual servings of coffee.

What may be confusing about this devices is that you need to heat your water in something else, perhaps a Revere Ware kettle. Unlike a percolator, the drip coffee maker does not heat the water as part of making the coffee.

Here is the instruction manual:


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Replacement parts

Really the only thing to wear out on the drip coffee maker is the Bakelite. The lid knob is standard Revere Ware just like the ones that we sell. The other bakelite parts are not available from anywhere.