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Revere’s Guide to

Better Cooking (1941)

Pressure Cooker Manual

Revere dial gauge

pressure cooker manual (1949)

Pressure Cooker manual

Revere pressure gauge

pressure cooker manual (1946)

Skillet instructions

Revere chef’s & square

skillet instructions

Revere Ware


Meal-n-minutes recipe book

Meal’n Minutes electric

pressure cooker recipe book

Meal-n-Minutes manual

Meal’n Minutes PC-806 electric

pressure cooker manual (digital)

Meal-n-Minutes manual analog

Meal’n Minutes PC-806M electric

pressure cooker manual (non-digital manual dial)

Revere's Gift

Revere’s Gift to America’s

Kitchens 1940

Meal-n-Minutes manual

Revere recipe book Favorite Recipes from Faraway Places

Meal’n Minutes instructional video (YouTube part 1 part 2)

The Famous (Revere) Chef Cookbook 1955

Electric Skillet

Electric Buffet Skillet


Revere Copper & Copper Alloys

For the serious Revere Ware aficionado, here is the technical informatio manual on Revere copper & copper alloys from 1946.

Double boiler manual

Double boiler manual

1574-1576 Pressure Cooker Manual

Model 1574 & 1576

pressure cookers

Vintage Egg Poacher

Vintage egg poacher manual

Copper Heritage

Copper Heritage

Revere Company History

Secrets to Gourmet Cooking

Secrets to Gourmet Cooking (1973)

Vintage Egg Poacher

Use & care guide (1987)