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Is Revere Ware cookware safe for oven use?

We don’t recommend using any cookware with Bakelite parts in the oven. While Revere did initially claim that their cookware was oven safe to a temperature of 350 F, in later years they revised their recommendation to not use Bakelite parts in the oven. The change is probably due to the fact that earlier ovens were gas fired from the bottom and tended to heat evenly where newer ovens (electric) can heat from a broil burner and areas of the oven (near the top) can easily exceed the safe temperature for Bakelite (350 degrees F) even with the oven temperature set to below 350.

Cookware without any Bakelite parts does not have this limitation.

Can copper/stainless polish be used on silver, such as sterling silverware?

In short, no.

Silver is a much softer metal than copper or stainless and as such requires a much milder abrasive than is found in copper and stainless steel polish, which can withstand much more without scratching and require a harsher abrasive to attain a polish.

Stick to a polish specifically made for silver.