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Information & Product Manuals

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Revere Ware information is hard to come by these days so we are making as much available as we can find. If you have any Revere Ware product manuals or vintage advertisements we would love to get copies to make available for others. If you are tech savvy, scan them and send us a pdf; otherwise you can send us photocopies. Our address and contact information is here.

If you know of substitute replacement parts for Revere Ware parts that are no longer avialable, or have any other tip to help Revere Ware enthusiasts, please let us know.

Caring for your Revere Ware

To put together our own handy cleaning & care guide specifically for Revere Ware we tried out every tip, trick, and old wives tale we could find and sampled every applicable cleaning product available on the market. Our cleaning & care guide summarizes what we found to work best.

Or you can try our compilation of all cleaning & care information from all vintage Revere Ware manuals and other pamplets we could find.


Manuals & Guides

You can find all information we've been able to pull together on specific Revere Ware types (pressure cooker, percolator, skillet, etc.) on our cookware specific information page, including manuals, videos, tips, and any available information on replacement parts.

If you are wondering what we call a skillet versus a pan, check out our visual glossary of different cookware types.

Ebay Listings

Finding Revere Ware cookware

The best places to find older Revere Ware cookware (i.e. the "good stuff") are either thrift stores or on Ebay. Ebay is probably the best as it has the largest selection giving you the best chance of finding what you want.

Try our handy Ebay Revere Ware Listings guide which sifts through all the Revere Ware Ebay auctions every 30 minutes and categorizes them by type and size, giving you a much better chance of finding what you are looking for.


Revere Ware recipes

Over the years, Revere Ware has put out various cookbooks and recipe books that contain helpful hints and recipes that work well with Revere Ware cookware. You can find the ones we've come across on our recipes page.


About Revere Ware

For a quick overview, take a look at our brief introduction to Revere Ware. For everything you wanted to know, check out the Revere Info Center and the photo guide to Revere products.


Vintage Revere Ware Ads and Catalogs

Ads, cataloges, order forms and price lists that we've collected over the years. Dates range from the 1940s to the 1980s.


All vintage materials

To make it easier to find things, we've put all of our vintage manuals, videos, pamphlets, etc. on a single page.

Vintage Revere Ware Commercial