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Revere Ware & the recession

In my experience, thrift stores have always been a good source for used Revere Ware cookware and I have gotten most of my extensive collection from thrift stores.  As a general rule, at a miminum you could count on there being a good selection of Revere Ware lids, should you need a replacement.

But the last year or so I’ve noticed a curious thing; less and less Revere Ware at thrift stores.  I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to assume that more people are bargain hunting and depleting the stock of available cookware at thrift stores.

But, on the other hand, the stock of Revere Ware on Ebay keeps growing and growing.

I am guessing the same recession mentality that is driving people to buy cookware on the cheap may be leading people to try and sell whatever they can to make money, including their old Revere Ware.

The trend clearly means that Ebay is the place now to get add to your Revere Ware collection or to replace a ruined pan, and with our new parts, you can keep them looking and working well for a long time to come.

As we mentioned in a previous post, we recently created a tool to help you find the specific Revere Ware piece you are looking for on Ebay: This tool downloads all the Revere Ware Ebay listings every 30 minutes and categorizes them by type and size to make it easier for you to find that 9 inch lid or 3 quart sauce pan.

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