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More mystery handle-less pans

We first reported on these back in 2020.

Reader Jim also came across a very nice set of these with the same distinct features – no handle, and no bottom stamp.

At the time we got an anecdotal report that these were on-off defects that were likely brought home by someone that worked at the Revere Ware factory and that is still our best theory today.

I would think they would make perfect baking pans.

2 Responses to More mystery handle-less pans

  1. troy January 30, 2023 at 10:53 pm #

    These “skillet blanks” have been showing up on ebay for ever.
    And I find them in the thrift stores here.
    I have been told by several sellers in Rome, New York, that when you toured the Revere Ware plant there, you were given one of these as a gift. I have also been told this by a former Riverside Revere Ware plant employee.
    These “skillet blanks” were pulled off of the assembly line before they were stamped on the bottom.
    They were quality control rejects.
    Many of the ones I have seen looked perfect to me.
    A few of the ones I have seen had the copper bottom put on crooked.
    I have seen them used to grill meat. There are small round wire racks that fit nicely into the bottom of these.

  2. Laurene Shewan February 12, 2024 at 10:21 am #

    I recently found one too and wondered what they were for. It’s in great condition and doesn’t have a stamp that I can see. The copper is centered. Would be great for bread pudding too.

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