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Revere Ware and memories

Revere Ware is useful stuff that still has a place in a modern kitchen.  But given that Revere Ware cookware can last a long time, it also comes with a rich history.  Hardly a week goes by that I don’t receive comments (and thanks) along with orders about how someone is buying parts for the Revere Ware they received on their wedding in 1947 or was handed down to them from their parents.  In fact, I was very glad to replace the Bakelite parts on my 80-year-old mother-in-law’s Revere Ware.

So it is great to find the occasional pictures of people using their Revere Ware when they first got it, like these from a couple in 1955.


Vintage Ads & Catalogs

We’ve been collecting vintage Revere Ware ads and catalogs for some time now and recently scanned them all and added them to our site. Our collection includes pieces from the earliest days of Revere Ware (1940) through the 1980’s. You can find them all here. Many of them are high quality and perfect for printing on your color printer and framing; perfect for your Revere Ware kitchen.


Most Interesting Revere Ware Memorabilia Yet

A few weeks ago I came across an interesting piece of Revere Ware memorabilia, a record from 1942/1943 that was apparently intended to be played at Revere Ware sales meetings and contains a song titled “Your Kitchen’s Bright,” which boldly praises Revere Ware’s advantages. I won’t bore you with the details of converting the 78 RPM record (when did record players stop supporting 78’s) and adding video of the record spinning to make it suitable for YouTube. You can find a short version below, and a long version here.


Vintage Revere Ware News

If you haven’t tried Google Alerts, it is a handy tool that sends you an email whenever new entries in Google’s search database match your favorite search terms. I monitor the search term “Revere Ware” among others and today an interesting one came up. Of course, a new entry in Google isn’t necessarily a new story; it seems that the New York Times has been digitizing its archived story database so today’s and Google has been picking up the new entries. Today’s “new” Revere Ware story was from 1988, about the president of Revere defecting over to Farber Ware.