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Spot welding handle separation

Reader Brian was kind enough to fix a handle separation for a friend by spot welding the handle back on.

I just fixed a frying pan for a friend by spot welding. less then 2 minutes, back in business.
If the material on the pan fails, and holes are left in the pan, simply reattach like a puzzle piece
and put 8 new spot welds in 8 new places, there’s plenty of material.
Hope that helps.
I’ve fixed many pans and tea pots over the years by spot welding, with no problems.

We have been told that the stainless steel on the pans is too thin to spot weld reliably, but Brian has shown us otherwise.  The result, much like the brazing test we did, isn’t perfect, but it is functional.  Thanks Brian!

Here is the original broken handle:

And the repaired handle:

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