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Revere Ware find of the week – NIB tea kettle

I think the largest downside to the discontinuation of the production of new Revere Ware is the iconic tea kettle.  While the quality of Revere Ware suffered in the last 3 or 4 decades, new tea kettles hadn’t changed much in ways that made them less useful.  I’ve used both vintage era Revere Ware kettles and new ones, and they all functioned about the same for me.

But they can eventually fail, requiring replacement, and with no new production, that has become harder.  So it is notable when we see a reasonably priced replacement kettle, especially one that is new in the box (NIB), as this one, which has a starting bid + shipping of under $40, not far off the price they once were new, just a few years ago.

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