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Fitz-All Large Glass Percolator Top

Fitz-All Large Glass Percolator Top

Material: Glass, aluminum

Includes: Glass knob and screw ring

Fits: All Revere stove-top percolators

Replaces: The original Revere part number for this was 2689.


These are generic percolator replacement knobs made by Fitz-All, part number 246.  They are made to fit percolator lids with an opening from 1.5-2.5 inches.  They don't match the original Revere glass lid knobs exactly (there two or more original styles), they work and look well as a replacement.  The aluminum screw ring works better than the screw nubs on the original glass knobs which tend to break off against the hard stainless steel of the lid.

Manufacturers Description

Fitz All 246 percolator top, large. Clear glass percolator top fits tight, can't fall out, heat-resistant glass perk top plus patented locking ring in non-corroding aluminum to fit most electric and non-electric percolators. Fits most electrtic and non-electric percolators from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" including: Arvin, Bersted, Corning, Cory Dominion Dormeyer, Ekco, Enterprise, Lasko, Presto, Pyrex, Revere, Robeson, Sunbeam, Universal, U.S. Stamping, enameled percolators and most old style percolators.


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