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Vintage double struck stamp

A customer sent us this photo.  It is the first time I’ve seen a double imprint of the vintage Revere Ware process patent stamp on the bottom of a piece of cookware.

Update 6/20/16:  We’ve since seen some auctions for double-struck stamp pieces.  This seems to indicate the value for pieces like this is relatively low, at least in the eyes of the sellers.  These pieces tend to list for about that much even without the double-struck stamp.

double_struck_stamp_auction_sauce_pan double_struck_stamp_auction_dutch_oven

2 Responses to Vintage double struck stamp

  1. Gary June 19, 2016 at 5:47 pm #

    was looking at my fathers old pots and came across a double stamped 12″fry pan logo is similar to this one,cant find any info on how many of these are out there.or what might be the value?

    • RevereWareParts June 20, 2016 at 8:54 am #

      We’ve only heard about a handful of them so far.

      As to value, that is very hard to tell, as we haven’t seen any auctions for a piece with a double struck stamp yet. We’ve seen some very odd high-prices for things we never would have thought would fetch so much, like yellow colored Bakelite handles and knobs that sold for $362, and this new-old-stock pristine pieces like this drip coffee pot that sold for over $200. Rarer items like the large 16qt stock pots can often sell for around $150.

      But we’ve seen lots of really great Revere Ware sell for pretty cheap (which is why we often recommend that people purchase a duplicate item to use as a donor for replacement parts that aren’t available anymore), so it really depends on the item.

      We probably won’t truly know the value until somebody lists a double struck piece.

      Update: We just happened across a couple of auctions for a double struck stamp items: this Dutch oven listed for around $42.79 and this sauce pan listed for $24.99 (see above for the auction listing images), so that would seem to indicate a moderate value for pieces like that.

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