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Using the 2-screw sizing sheet

I just want to add some clarification on using our 2-screw handle sizing sheet.  We’ve recently updated it, adding instructions and a ruler on the page.  The idea is that you print the sizing sheet at full size, no scaling, and then lay your old handle over the top to find the correct size, looking at the overall size of the Bakelite part of the handle compared to those on the page, and making sure the holes line up with the red dots, which represent the holes in the replacement handles.

When you first print the sheet, compare the measurement on the ruler on the page with a ruler or measuring tape to make sure it is printed properly.  If they don’t match, then you won’t be able to use the sheet to find your handle size.

If you compare the medium to the large size, and the large to the x-large size, you will see they aren’t close.

The small and medium are a bit closer, but don’t really match well.

So if you see most of the red dot through the holes in your existing handle, but it is off by just a bit don’t worry.  But if you only see a little bit of the red dot through one of the holes when the other one is lined up perfectly, it is probably the wrong size.

Note that we sell very few of the small 2-screw handle size, so if you aren’t sure between the small and the medium, it is probably the medium you need.

You can also differentiate the small and medium by the spline width (height).  The small goes on a 3/8″ spline while the medium goes on a 5/8″ spline.

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