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Revere Ware Vintage Percolator


Revere Ware produced these in three different capacities initially, 4, 6, and 8 cup.  From a 1955 catalog:


Later they seem to have added the 10 cup “party” sized percolator.  From a 1966 catalog:

There are also the drip coffee maker, the coffee server, and the 14 cup indoor / outdoor percolator.


From Revere’s Guide to Better Cooking:

Use 2 level tablespoons of regular grind coffee to 1 measuring cup of water (cold). Place on medium flame, keep on flame for three to four minutes after percolator begins percolating. Then take from burner and remove basket and coffee is ready to serve.

Additionally, here is a pretty good general guide on how to use a stove top percolator.

Replacement parts

The most common problems with these percolators are broken glass lid knobs and worn bakelite handles. Replacement handles are not available as far as we know.

For the glass knob, luckily, Fitz-All makes a universal percolator glass knob that works fine for the Revere Ware percolators. It has two pieces, the glass part above the lid and a “nut” below the lid, so it clamps on, rather than screwing in like the original knobs did; but it works great. You can find it here.  Update: unfortunately the manufacturer of the replacement percolator top changed their design and the metal ring is now slightly smaller, and just a bit too small for the Revere Ware percolators. 🙁


History of percolator handle design

Introduced around the same time as the original Revere Ware copper bottom products, the percolator was a staple throughout the vintage Revere Ware period, lasting until 1968. The original design included a handle that came out from the body of the unit and then went straight down.

We believe in 1961, they started changing the handle design to one that swooped out a bit.  Here is a catalog from February of 1961 that shows just the coffee maker with the new handle design.

By September of 1961, they had switched the entire coffee line over to the new handle design.

I have parts catalogs from 1950, 1967, and 1985.  After the change, they called the original coffee handle the “Old Style” and the new one the “New Style”.  Here from 1967.

By 1985 they no longer offered the old style replacements.

In 1950 and 1967, the old style handle was shown as part #626, along with the screws.

In 1967, the new style handle was shown as part #687 (6-cup) and 415 (8-cup).

In 1985, the new style handle was part #36122 (4, 6, 6, 8, and 10 cup models).  They also refer to the old style handle (even though it was no longer offered) as part $36110.

Through the years, all the models, both old and new handle styles, always used the same glass top.  This was known as part #645, and later as part # 2689.