Revere Ware Parts :: By Part :: Pan/skillet 2-screw handle hardware set (med, lg, x-lg handles)

Pan/skillet 2-screw handle hardware set (med, lg, x-lg handles)

Pan/skillet 2-screw handle hardware set (med, lg, x-lg handles)

These are replacement screws, nuts, and hanging loops for vintage era (two screw type) Revere Ware pan handles.  Please use the information below and the pictures to make sure they will fit your handle before you buy. These parts are newly manufactured by and are made to look and work just like original Revere Ware hardware, with the exceptions noted below.

Material: Stainless steel

Includes: Two nuts, two screws, and a hanging hook

Fits: Vintage era medium, large, and x-large skillet and pan handles (definition of skillet, pan, etc. here).  These fit Revere Ware pans with handles that have two screws through the Bakelite.

These screws will only work with the medium, large, and x-large two-screw vintage style handle.  These screws and nuts will not fit in the small handle size or the single screw newer handle.

The screw and barrel nut in this hardware set are a different thread pattern than original Revere Ware hardware and are not interchangeable with original hardware parts.

Replaces:  The original Revere part number for the screw/nut/washer set was 36067 and for the hanging loop was 2501.

Hardware Notes

The screws in the hardware set are phillips head, not slotted like the original Revere Ware screw sets were. Because the original slot head screws strip very easily, we consider this an improvement.

Installation Notes

In some cases, the old screws can rust together and are very hard to get off. Twisting the screw also twists the nut on the other side. You can try pressing a slotted screwdriver between the edge of the nut and the Bakelite to create some resistance to keep the nut from turning, but if it is truly corroded, the only real solution we've found is to break the Bakelite off by prying between the two halves with a screwdriver. Once the Bakelite is off, you can grab the nut with pliers.

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RevereWare Hardware Set vintage-era 2-screw type handle

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